Out With Copper, In With Fiber Cable

Out With Copper, In With Fiber Cable

Modern developments in the way information is transmitted have brought us to the new age of fiber cable. In years past, copper cable was the primary medium through which information for video was physically transmitted from point to point. In any AV system, structured cabling is required for the proper transmission of electronic signals between physical systems. The modern world is moving quickly, and with the growth in technological capabilities comes the need to transmit large amounts of data in short amounts of time.

That is where fiber cable has the distinct advantage over copper cable. The old copper standard simply cannot transmit enough data to keep up with the demands that there currently are for things like 4K video. Any structured cabling system that hopes to incorporate native 4K content needs to incorporate some form of fiber to meet the intense data demands.

The use of fiber cable is what is going to drive digital data transmission as we transition into the next generation of AV standards as 4K content takes center stage as the new HD standard. Residences nationwide will be embracing it as the new digital standard much sooner than the industry realizes as the popularity of 4K streaming increases.

While there may be some hesitation to move away from the copper cable standard that has prevailed in the digital world for so many years, as time goes on it will become more and more apparent that there is no choice but to move to the newer and faster fiber options. The opportunity and room for growth are extremely exciting, and it will be very interesting to see what new technologies can be developed given the increase in bandwidth capabilities that will be seen across the country.

As the world moves faster and faster, the need for a data transmission medium that can meet the demand has never been more important.

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