Save Time and Money With Apple HomeKit

Save Time and Money With Apple HomeKit

HomeKit by Apple is bringing the future of homes closer and closer. With the cost of living as high as it is, upgrading your smart home can save you money and breed efficiency. Enhanced security, comfort, and entertainment are more ways to upgrade your smart home with Homekit. 

Using your iPhone, Apple Watch, MacBook, or iMac you can virtually control your home. For example, using your device to control the lighting throughout your home. You can even approach your front door with your Apple Watch as a sensor to automatically unlock the door with a smart lock. 

Smart Home Automation 

Automation is made possible with these devices, opening all possibilities to make your home more efficient. Something as simple as automating your heating schedule using the capabilities of HomeKit can save you a lot of money throughout the cold months. 

Smart Home Appliances

With technology like the Ecobee Smart Thermostat, automating your home has never been easier. When home, connect your phone to the smart thermostat. There, you can choose when and where in the house the temperature increases or decreases. Air quality is also measured giving you more in-depth knowledge about your environment. See the video below for a demonstration.

With ingenuity like HomeKit we are truly getting closer to what the movies thought the future would be like. Easier living and a more bang-for-your-buck lifestyle are just the beginning. 

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