Home Theater Projectors

Home Theater Projectors

It seems every year the must-have TV grows a few inches to sizes once never seemed possible. Nowadays, a 60″+ TV is commonplace in many households. But imagine a screen twice that size to watch the big game or your favorite movie. A proper home theater projector can display a stunning picture on screens up to 150″! So, as far as home theater goes…. yes, size does matter.

The Cinema Experience in Your Own Home

eInteractive Homes offers a variety of home theater projector options including our top of the line Runco projectors which produce picture quality that is unmatched. From standard DLP to 3D and even the latest LED projectors, we have the right solution for you.

We realize color temperature, number of lumens, contrast ratio, and resolution are not details of a projector that you should be familiar with. That’s why we’re here to help with the decision for the right projector for your home theater.

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