Lighting Control Systems

Lighting Control Systems

Some of the systems and services we offer don’t get the attention they deserve. Lighting Control is one of those systems. Often overshadowed by entertainment and security systems, intelligent lighting controls offer some of the most practical and beneficial features. That added level of practicality draws the line between what is typically considered a “need” and what remains a “want”.

The Lighting Experience in Your Own Home

Beyond the obvious benefit of enhancing your ability to control your lights in your home, Lighting Control also offers benefit of some serious energy savings that are hard to pass up. For this reason, it makes sense to justify it’s addition to your budget especially considering it’s one solution that will pay you back! Studies have shown savings up to 30% on electricity usage with conservative use of dimmers as a part of an overall lighting control system. If you really want to live like the Jetsons, you can even install motion sensors to turn off lights automatically if no one is detected in the room after a certain period of time.

Added safety also comes with the installation of lighting control. Have your system pre-programmed to turn on and off while you are away to make it appear as though someone is home. Or, while at home, you may find the need to instantly turn on all of your lights at once in the case of an emergency. Simply programming an “all-on/all-off” feature allows you to do that from a button conveniently located and any wall switch.

Security and energy savings are not the only reasons to install lighting control. Lighting Control can add a new level of convenience and entertainment. Pre-programmed scenes can enable any switch on the wall to instantly transform the mood, accommodating the moment whether it’s time to entertain, relax, watch a movie, wake up in the morning, or settle down for the night.

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