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While I was rebuilding my house, I called einteractive company to build my movie theater, lighting and sound system, I was taking back by some of the cost but while I use all the technology they put together everyday it is worth every penny. My advice don’t Try to compromise to save money go with the recommendation and you will enjoy your home much more and you will appreciate how everything works smoothly together. Thanks to Danny and Rosmary for all of your recommendations and your staffs outstanding service.

Robert Gabriel Avatar Robert Gabriel

I never write reviews, but I need to write this one because eInteractive absolutely deserves praise for their work. Your system is only as good as the integrator you choose, and eInteractive is the best integrator out there. I reached out to several integrators, received quotes, interacted with them etc, and no one was better than Rosmary and Dan. Their vision for your system, respect for your budget, and how they treat you as a customer truly separates them from everyone else. They're a family business, and they operate like a family business that cares about their customers, it's really refreshing to see. Dan is the best, he's a perfectionist that won't leave you hanging, he's going to work on the system and make sure it’s perfect, and he respects your budget and works with you on giving you the best solution you can get. Rosmary does a great job coordinating everything and making sure it’s all done in a timely manner, they make a great team. They’re very mindful of your budget and won’t oversell you on anything, and most importantly, they don’t make empty promises. They provide you a solution that will work, and will always work, and they work tirelessly to make sure you get everything you hoped for out of your solution. If you’re in the NY/NJ area and you’re looking for a Savant integrator, eInteractive is the team to reach out to. I’ve reached out to all of them, and eInteractive was by far the best integrator. From a quote perspective, user experience perspective, strategical perspective on how they planned on building your solution, customer relationship perspective, everything. You name it. They’re simply the best integrator you can get. I highly recommend them. They’re the best and I’m very happy with my Savant system, and it’s because of the work they put into it. They're a platinum Savant dealer for a reason, they're the best integrators out there.

Shamron Awwal Avatar Shamron Awwal

I highly recommend Dan and his team for high-end home theater design and installation. They did my home theater and I couldn't be happier.

Fred Dawli Avatar Fred Dawli

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