Lutron Lighting & Shade Control

Lutron Lighting & Shade Control

Two of the systems we’re most proud of providing our clients are lighting & shade controls. eInteractive offers a full line of Lutron Lighting & Shade Control solutions that offer not only convenience and enhanced entertainment but the more practical benefits of security and energy management as well.

The Lutron Experience in Your Own Home

Traditionally, a light switch is connected to a single light or maybe a small area of lights. With intelligent lighting control, you can now program any light switch to control any combination of lights in your home. Set specific “scenes” for entertaining guests, watching TV, going to bed, etc. You can even program your lighting to activate while you’re away to make it appear as though someone is home. By utilizing available dimmer technology and programming automatic shut off of lights when not in use, you can also start to see some substantial savings on your electricity bill.

The same is true for Shade Control by Lutron. For example, program your shades to automatically open letting the morning sunshine in and then to close as it starts to get dark. Or if it’s the middle of a hot summer day, no need to walk to every window to close the shades yourself. A programmed switch on the wall, a special remote control, or even your mobile device can close them all for you.

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