Artificial Intelligence In Our Future Homes?

Artificial Intelligence In Our Future Homes?

Picture this: At 7:00 AM on a cool winter morning, your dark bedroom suddenly becomes illuminated by the natural sunlight after your sun blinds automatically open up. Vibrant music is playing throughout your home. You get up and walk into the bathroom and the shower automatically turns on and adjusts to your preferred temperature. After your morning routine, you head to the kitchen where your fresh brewed coffee is already prepared exactly how you like it.

Your refrigerator already sees that you are low on milk and has already ordered an extra gallon for delivery. Your car knows that you leave the house at around 8:30 every weekday and the car warms up for you before you get into it and start your day. As you leave your home, your blinds shut, all lights are turned off in the house, the thermostat is turned down to conserve energy, and the front door is automatically locked.

This could all be done with the works of artificial intelligence and is even expected to be the future of our homes soon enough, but how could this even be possible?

The answer is quite simple. The majority of people in today’s society live pretty routine-based lives for the most part. A lot of us need that cup of coffee before work every day. Most of us need the shower water to be at a perfect temperature, otherwise, we’re not hopping in. And most of us find that keeping our fridges well stocked could be a chore from time to time.

With artificial intelligence, our devices could observe our day-to-day habits and pick up on patterns in our behavior. From that, these AI devices would then take responsibility for the things we normally would take care of ourselves, making our lives a lot less tedious over time.

Artificial Intelligence could very well be essential for most modern homes in the near future. They could help injured veterans, elderly people, children, pets, and could even just be a helping hand to the average homeowner. What do you think? Would you invite artificially intelligent devices in your home?

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