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Whether you’re looking to enhance your bedroom or conference room, eInteractive delivers home theater systems, automated conference rooms, integrated lighting solutions and motorized shades for every space. It’s all just one click away!

If you have ever wanted to experience all the excitement and quality sound afforded movie goers, now is your chance to get state-of-the-art audio and visual in your home. Crystal clear projection designed with your unique home specifications in mind, eInteractive consolidates all home theater and security needs into one simple home automation system. Unlike other smart home installers, eInteractive provides home security cameras that can be connected to any preferred system. In fact, their systems are so convenient, you can check into your home security system even when you are away. Vacationing has never been this hassle free!

Technology is changing the way we do business and eInteractive knows how to make the right impression. A recognized leader in business digital integration systems, these professionals also deliver automated conference rooms that will give each presentation a definite advantage. Most people wouldn’t dream of showing up for a business meeting or interview in casual garb. Why should a conference meeting be any different? Presentations, in particular, need the right projection, sound and quality to deliver your best work. eInteractive reduces the risk of technical glitches, excessive wiring and confusion, which could cost you investors or clients. With eInteractive, step into your presentation with confidence!

Providing your business or conference room with specialized presentation systems, motorized shades, and light technology will make every day at the office a pleasure.

About eInteractive:

eInteractive is a leader in high end home theater design and installation, whole-house distributed audio, lighting and shade control as well as home automation systems. When you’re committed to the best entertainment systems, you know where to find us.

Whether you’re a homeowner interested in installing some motorized shades, or a business owner in need of digital signage, eInteractive can help find the right solution for your technology needs. To learn more about their services, call (855) 41-SYSTEM today or learn more about our home theater and audio video website.