LED Lights and Color Psychology

LED Lights and Color Psychology

With most smart lighting systems, such as Philips Hue, that allows you to change the color/scene of your lighting, you can drastically change the mood of any room you’re in. For example, colder lighting can promote productivity and focus. Meanwhile, warmer lighting (candle light and restaurant lighting) promotes relaxation.

Furthermore, lights that allow you to change the color enable you to change the mood even more. Color psychology is currently being studied and tested, however when it comes to color lights, here is a guide for which colors enhance which aspect of your mood.


Red is a warm color associated with power. It’s the color of fire and blood and is used by designers to heighten the senses. Red is a bold color and can increase metabolism and can even create a “sexy” environment. However red is also a color associated with anger, so be aware of whether or not you are easily stimulated because for some, it could be overwhelming and irritating.


On the other hand, blue is a cooler color that promotes calmness, freshness, strength, and responsibility. Soft blue lighting can be used to promote productivity so it’s the best color to lean towards in offices and workplaces. The shade of blue also plays a huge part in the mood setting of the room. Light blue is relaxing, bright blue is refreshing, and using paler shades of blue can make a room feel more spacious.


Green is another cooler color to choose from. It’s associated with nature and has calming effects. Green can put you at ease and promote relaxation so it’s one of the better colors to put on to relax you as you’re binge watching your favorite Netflix shows.


Purple is a cool and eccentric color that promotes creativity. For artists, writers, designers, or photographers, soft purple lighting is ideal. In general darker purple shades give a sense of wealth and luxury, while lighter shades are associated with spring and romance.

As you can see, the color and lighting of your hue lights plays a huge part in mood and your state of mind. For a more detailed article on LED lights and color psychology and other colors’ impact on mood, click here. If you don’t already have smart lights, contact eInteractive today to get a quick estimate and installation.

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