Save Energy, Save The Planet

Save Energy, Save The Planet

Residential energy savings

Being energy efficient is something that everyone can contribute to in their home, even in small ways to conserve and save on the electric bill at the same time. A critical thing that many individuals fail to take into consideration is how much of their electric bill is spent on lighting. On average, lighting accounts for 20 percent of your electric bill. Using light controls available from Lutron can contribute to your overall savings.

Lighting controls give you more options in your home while also saving money. Lutron lighting gives you the control to dim your lights for a comfortable appearance, reduce electric usage, allow your bulbs to last longer, and save you money all at the same time. The technology is compatible with newer bulbs including fluorescent lighting, and lower consumption LED bulbs that are significantly more efficient than older incandescent or CFLs.

A lighting control system that expands to your entire home gives you control no matter what room you’re in the majority of the time. Reduce lighting in areas that don’t need maximum wattage and reduce your consumption. You also have the option to utilize Lutron for temperature control to maximize your savings on your heating and cooling costs. It’s possible to modify these settings even when you’re on-the-go.

If an individual room solution is more suited to your lifestyle, you can also opt to use Lutron lighting control on a smaller scale. Smart controls allow you to turn the lights on before you get in the house to eliminate the need to navigate in the dark, especially if your hands are full with groceries, a purse, or something you managed to splurge on during your latest shopping trip.

Dimmers are an essential part of saving money without needing to purchase a variety of bulbs in different wattages to accommodate your needs and can be possible with a Lutron lighting control system in your home. Dimming lights can create an ambient atmosphere while limiting your costs to be a more affordable option.

Another thing that you might not have considered when deciding to switch your lighting option is eligibility for rebates through the state, federal government, or both. Conserving energy is a long-term goal that the government pushes for as a community effort that everyone should contribute to.

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