Say Hello To My Little Friend – Amazon Astro

Say Hello To My Little Friend – Amazon Astro

No, this isn’t a sci-fi movie. Home robot assistants are actually here! Amazon recently released a new robot helper (currently only purchasable by invite) and it offers so much to the user.

Amazon Astro is a personal assistant robot. It’s small, smart and useful in the home. Amazon Astro can be used to help with many chores like cleaning, shopping, and cooking. It can also help you out with your online shopping by searching for items on Amazon and adding them to your cart for later purchase.

Amazon Astro has seven microphones so it always hears you when you speak to it from anywhere in the room — no matter how loud your environment is or what music is playing.

Astro could learn to interact with members of your household and even recognize them. It could tailor its responses to your preferences or avoid certain topics if you tell it not to talk about them.

The device would also be able to recognize people by their voice, which means that if you want Astro to respond only when you say “Alexa” or “Hey Google,” then it will do exactly that. If multiple people in a household have the same device installed on their phone, the system can automatically switch over from one person’s account to another based on who is speaking and what they’re saying—think of how Google Assistant switches between users’ accounts when they ask questions on phones or smart speakers.

Amazon’s Astro is capable of so much and will be capable of so much more in the near future. Now is the best time to bring the future to your home!

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