The Efficiency And Cost-Effectiveness Of Smart Sprinklers

The Efficiency And Cost-Effectiveness Of Smart Sprinklers

Watering the lawn throughout the dog days of summer is important for the look and overall health of grass and plants. There is a lot of waste water when using a traditional sprinkler system. This costs you money on your next utility bill. As technology advances things like smart sprinklers are improving the abilities of homeowners to keep their lawn looking healthy while also saving money.

Technology Designed To Save

Advanced technology in smart sprinklers is changing the game. How often have you seen a resident have their sprinklers on while it’s raining? This is one example of how wasteful traditional sprinkler systems are. Not only is this a waste of water but it’s also costing the homeowner money.  Smart sprinklers use data from local forecasts to create automated schedules for your lawn. They are intelligent enough to not shoot water out during rain storms. This helps conserve water for the planet and takes some pressure off of your wallet every month.


Smart Technology

Using your smartphone, tablet, or computer, you can control your sprinkler system. Compatible with many smart hubs this gives you a real sense of control over the look and health of your lawn. Watering schedules, adjustments, or maybe you would like to pause your schedule while on vacation, for example. These are all ways this smart technology has improved the ability to control your water and save money.

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