How to Protect Your Home Video Surveillance From Hackers

How to Protect Your Home Video Surveillance From Hackers

There are few, if any, home security or surveillance systems that rely exclusively on non-digital technology. While a nice big padlock or an armed guard stationed in your front yard is “security” in the most generous sense of the word, such solutions are neither practical nor affordable.

To overcome this problem, many people turn to installing their own video surveillance, ip cameras and security systems. They justify this by presuming these complex mechanisms and electronics are as easy to manage as the average home computer. While this sounds reasonable, the reality can be a little different. The biggest danger in amateur security component installation is its vulnerability to intruders and hackers.

Wireless Access

Nearly every home with access to the Internet has some kind of wireless access point. What the manufacturers often neglect to mention is securing a wireless access point is not only a relatively complex task, but it can be made more difficult if your network is supporting a security system.

The truth is a misconfigured wireless router can not only expose your home’s network to attackers, it can also end up broadcasting everything you send across it as far as the radios can reach. If your security system is on the same subnet, it gives hackers easy access even if they are across the street.

DIY vs Professional Installation

Security software and hardware like IP cameras are electronics, just like your mobile phone and your computer. Given the number and frequency of the updates your personal electronics require to continue functioning properly, it should come as no surprise your home security or video surveillance system needs a similar maintenance schedule. The problem is most amateur installers don’t realize this fact and leave their systems vulnerable because they aren’t updated or maintained properly.

This can be a serious and often hidden problem because often there’s no screen or device to look at to remind you to update your system.

Remote Monitoring Services

Some consumers use remote monitoring systems for their hardware and software. While this can certainly be a convenient option, it can get costly, especially if your system has minimal capabilities. If you are going to go out of your way to hire someone to watch your system, it might be a good idea to consider having them install it in the first place. There’s no reason to spend a dollar to save a dime.

Ease of use is not proportional with complexity. The thing you have to remember is electronic security systems are intricate machines that require more than a little extra attention if they are to work properly and protect you from hackers.

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